I realized that I haven’t blogged in quite a while. So here is an update.

I’ve done quite a bit on memoryviews. Firstly, I finished Cython utility codes (this is already merged) and added a utility code loader for normal utility codes and cython utility codes. This means you can now write them in a file and automatically load them. You can now also use Tempita to make it a template.

Then I fixed memoryviews, there were still quite a lot of problems with acquisition counting and other small bugs that would make a program segfault. Then I added indexing, slicing, transposing and casting of pointers to cython.array.
You can index and slice a memoryview in GIL or nogil mode and you can coerce from slices to a Python memoryview object (which can also be indexed, sliced, transposed, etc). For transposing a memoryview slice you will need the GIL, although it’s wouldn’t be hard to drop that requirement. This all works in the
same way as NumPy (a.T gives a transposed view, you can index with Ellipsis, etc).

If you have a pointer, you can cast it by providing some shape information, like

cdef cython.array my_array = <int[:10, :10]> my_data_pointer

which will obtain a cython.array with shape 10 * 10 (so the data block must be at least of size 10 * 10 * sizeof(int)). You can then also register a callback to free the data.

Documentation is here:

In the future these slices and memoryview objects may be made more NumPy like by giving them a ‘.flat’ attribute, and a ‘.reshape’ method. We might also give them a ‘to_numpy()’ method to turn them into a numpy.ndarray.

You can now also convert a python dict to a C or Cython struct automatically (which means you can also have them as arguments in ‘def’ functions, etc).


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